Exempt Securities

Business / Finance / Exempt Securities: The difference between the execution price of a security and the price that would have existed in the absence of a trade, which can be further divided into market impact costs and market timing costs.

Other Words for Exempt

Exempt Verb Synonyms: exempted, free, liberated, released, excused, relieved, spared, let off, excepted, immune, off the hook

Securities Industry Association (SIA)

Business / Finance / Securities Industry Association (SIA): An association of broker-dealers who sell taxable securities, which lobbies the government, records industry trends, and keeps records of broker profits. MORE

Securities Exchange Of Thailand (SET)

Business / Finance / Securities Exchange Of Thailand (SET): The only stock market in Thailand, based in Bangkok. MORE

Securities Exchange Act Of 1934

Business / Finance / Securities Exchange Act Of 1934: Legislation that created the SEC, outlawing dishonest practices in the trading of securities. MORE

Securities And Exchange Commission Rules

Business / Finance / Securities And Exchange Commission Rules: Rules enacted by the SEC to assist in the regulation of U.S. financial markets. MORE

Securities Industry Committee On Arbitration (SICA)

Business / Finance / Securities Industry Committee On Arbitration (SICA): A private group that provides mediation services in case of customer complaints against securities firms. MORE

Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)

Business / Finance / Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC): A nonprofit corporation that insures customers' securities and cash held by member brokerage firms against the failure of those firms. MORE