Business / Finance / Exemption: Instrumentsexempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933 or the margin requirements of the SEC Act of 1934. Such securities include government bonds, agencies, munis, commercial paper, and private placements.

Other Words for Exemption

Exemption Verb Synonyms: exception, immunity, freedom, release, impunity, dispensation, exclusion

Tax Exemption

Business / Accounting / Tax Exemption: An amount that a taxpayer who meets certain criteria can subtract from taxable income. Examples include exemptions for each dependent or for life insurance proceeds. (See Tax Credit, Tax Deduction.) MORE

Veterans Exemption

Business / Real Estate / Veterans Exemption: California war veterans may receive a $4,000 exemption on the full cash value of their homes. MORE

Mrs. Murphys Exemption

Business / Real Estate / Mrs. Murphys Exemption: The common description of the exemption that applies to an owner-occupied building with four or fewer units. MORE

Homestead Exemption

Business / Real Estate / Homestead Exemption: The amount of homestead protection from unsecured creditors—$50,000 for single persons, $75,000 for families, $100,000 for persons 65 years of age, and $100,000 for disabled persons unable to work. MORE

Personal Exemption

Business / Finance / Personal Exemption: Amount of money a taxpayer can exclude from personal income for each member of the household in calculation of a tax obligation. MORE

Small Issues Exemption

Business / Finance / Small Issues Exemption: An individual person investing in small quantities of stock or bonds. This group of investors makes up a minimal fraction of total stock ownership. MORE