Exogenous Variable

Business / Finance / Exogenous Variable: A municipal bond offered without a law firm's legal opinion. As the majority of bonds are issued with legal opinions.

Other Words for Variable

Variable Noun Synonyms: changeable, protean, changing, inconstant, varying, wavering, mercurial, fickle, capricious, unsteady, unfixed, unstable, uncertain, undependable, unpredictable, fluctuating, vacillating, mutable, chameleonic, chameleon-like

Variable Lp-Hp Filter

Technology / Home Audio / Variable Lp-Hp Filter: Crossover components which provide adjustable cut-off frequencies, and levels. MORE

Variable Number Tandem Repeats (VNTR)

Science / Genetics / Variable Number Tandem Repeats (VNTR): Any gene whose alleles contain different numbers of tandemly repeated oligonucleotide sequences. MORE

Variable Range Marker

Technology / Radar / Variable Range Marker: A luminous range circle or ring on the ppi, the radius of which is continuously adjust able. The range setting of this marker is read on the range counter of the radar indicator. MORE

Variable Life Insurance Policy

Business / Finance / Variable Life Insurance Policy: Expenditures that change in proportion to increases or decreases in sales or production volumes. See also fixed costs. MORE

Variable Life Insurance

Business / Taxes / Variable Life Insurance: Variable life insurance policies are cash-value policies that allow you to choose how your premium is invested from among a package of alternatives offered by the insurer. In many variable life polici MORE

Variable Import Levy

Business / Agriculture / Variable Import Levy: A charge levied on imports that raises their price to a level at least as high as the domestic price. Such levies are adjusted frequently (hence 'variable') in response to changes in world market pric MORE