Exotic Option

Business / Finance / Exotic Option: A variable whose value is determined outside the model in which it is used. Related: Endogenous variable

Other Words for Exotic

Exotic Adjective Synonyms: strange, unfamiliar, unusual, bizarre, odd, peculiar, unique, singular, extraordinary, remarkable, out of the ordinary, different, outlandish, weird, crazy
Exotic Verb Synonyms: foreign, alien, non-native, imported

Other Words for Option

Option Adjective Synonyms: choice, privilege, election, opportunity, chance
Option Noun Synonyms: choice, selection, alternative, recourse, opportunity, way out

Barrier Options

Business / Finance / Barrier Options: Option contracts with trigger points that, when crossed, automatically generate buying or selling of other options. These are exotic options. MORE

Option Mutual Fund

Business / Finance / Option Mutual Fund: A mutual fund that buys and sells options for aggressive or conservative investment. MORE

Option Not To Deliver

Business / Finance / Option Not To Deliver: In the mortgage pipeline, an additional hedge placed in tandem with the forward or substitute sale. MORE

Option Offense

Entertainment / Football / Option Offense: An offense heavily relying upon the option run and variations thereof. MORE

Option Premium

Business / Agriculture / Option Premium: The amount an option buyer pays the option writer for an option contract. MORE

Option Margin

Business / Finance / Option Margin: The margin requirement for options described in Regulation T and in brokers' individual policies. MORE