Experience Rating

Business / Finance / Experience Rating: Resources used to support the ongoing operations of a business for a specified time period; not equivalent to expenditures or costs.

Other Words for Experience

Experience Noun Synonyms: knowledge, contact, involvement, practice, familiarity, acquaintance, exposure, participation, observation
Experience Adjective Synonyms: incident, event, happening, affair, episode, occurrence, circumstance, adventure, encounter, trial, test, ordeal

Operating Performance Ratio

Business / Accounting / Operating Performance Ratio: An overall measure of the efficiency of operations during a period: computed by dividing net income by net sales. MORE

Operating Leverage

Business / Accounting / Operating Leverage: The extent to which fixed costs are part of a company's cost structure: the higher the proportion of fixed costs, the faster income increases or decreases with sales volumes. MORE

Operating Lease

Business / Accounting / Operating Lease: A simple rental agreement. MORE

Operating Income

Business / Finance / Operating Income: Sales revenue minus cost of sales and operating expenses. Similar to earnings before interest and taxes, operating income is examined when the earnings of the core business are analyzed. Also referred MORE

Operating Profit

Business / Finance / Operating Profit: Another term for operating income. MORE

Operating Profit (Or Loss)

Business / Finance / Operating Profit (Or Loss): Revenue from a firm's regular activities less costs and expenses and before income deductions. MORE