Business / Finance / Expiration: A technique insurance companies use to determine the correct price of a policy premium.

Other Words for Expiration

Expiration Adjective Synonyms: expiry, finish, (coming to an) end, termination, running out, ending, conclusion, concluding, close, closing, discontinuance, discontinuation

Expiration Date

Health / Dentistry / Expiration Date: The date indicated in an insurance contract as the date coverage expires. MORE

Expiration Cycle

Business / Finance / Expiration Cycle: The time an option contract lapses. MORE

Yield To Warrant Expiration

Business / Finance / Yield To Warrant Expiration: Applies mainly to convertible securities. Effective yield of usable or synthetic convertible bonds determined against the first date at which the warrants can be called. MORE

Automatic Extension

Business / Finance / Automatic Extension: An automatic extension of time granted to a taxpayer to file a tax return. MORE

Suit For Possession

Business / Real Estate / Suit For Possession: A court suit initiated by a landlord to evict a tenant from leased premises after the tenant has breached one of the terms of the lease or has held possession of the property after the leases expirati MORE

Reversionary Right

Business / Real Estate / Reversionary Right: The return of the rights of possession and quiet enjoyment to the lessor at the expiration of a lease. MORE