External Finance

Business / Finance / External Finance: Related: Pricing efficiency

Other Words for External

External Adjective Synonyms: apparent, visible, perceptible, superficial, surface
External Verb Synonyms: outside, exterior, extrinsic, extraneous, alien, foreign, exotic
External Noun Synonyms: outer, outside, outward, exterior

Other Words for Finance

Finance Adverb Synonyms: resource(s), banking, accounting, economics, money (management), business, commerce, (financial) affairs, investment
Finance Noun Synonyms: fund, subvene, invest in, back, capitalize, underwrite, subsidize, pay for, bankroll

Finance Charge

Business / Finance / Finance Charge: A discipline concerned with determining value and making decisions. The finance function allocates resources, including the acquiring, investing, and managing of resources. MORE

Finance Committee

Health / Health Insurance / Finance Committee: Committee of the board of directors whose duty it is to review financial results, approve budgets, set and approve spending authorities, review the annual audit, and review and approve outside funding MORE

Finance Companies

Business / Loan / Finance Companies: These are companies that make loans which are generally at higher rates than are available from banks or credit unions. MORE


Business / Debt / Finance: Finance deals with matters related to money and the markets. MORE

Federal Housing Finance Board (FHFB)

Business / Finance / Federal Housing Finance Board (FHFB): Federally sponsored agency chartered in 1934 whose stock is currently owned by savings institutions across the United States. The agency buys residential mortgages that meet certain requirements, sell MORE

External Obsolescence

Business / Real Estate / External Obsolescence: A type of incurable depreciation caused by negative factors not on the subject property, such as environmental, social or ecomomic forces. The loss in value can not be reversed by spending money on th MORE