Extraordinary Item

Business / Finance / Extraordinary Item: Early redemption of a revenue bond because the revenue source paying the interest on the bond has been eliminated or has disappeared.

Other Words for Extraordinary

Extraordinary Adjective Synonyms: unusual, uncommon, remarkable, exceptional, particular, outstanding, special, rare, unique, singular, signal, unheard-of, curious, peculiar, odd, bizarre, queer, strange, abnormal, unprecedented, unparalleled

Other Words for Item

Item Noun Synonyms: detail, article, point, particular, matter, thing, element, component, ingredient

Itemized Deduction

Business / Accounting / Itemized Deduction: Amounts paid by an individual taxpayer for personal and quasi-business expenses that can be deducted in computing taxable income, such as medical expenses, property and income taxes, mortgage and inve MORE

Guardian ad Litem

Life Style / Adoption / Guardian ad Litem: A lawyer or lay person who represents a child in juvenile or family court. Usually this person considers the 'best interest' of the child and may perform a variety of roles, including those of indepen MORE

Noncash Items

Business / Accounting / Noncash Items: Items included in the determination of net income on an accrual basis that do not affect cash: examples are depreciation and amortization. MORE

Prepaid Items

Business / Real Estate / Prepaid Items: On a closing statement, items that have been paid in advance by the seller, such as insurance premiums and some real estate taxes, for which he or she must be reimbursed by the buyer. MORE


Business / Finance / Whitemail: White knight who buys less than a majority interest. MORE

Tax Preference Item

Business / Finance / Tax Preference Item: Devising strategies throughout the year in order to minimize tax liability, for example, by choosing a tax filing status that is most beneficial to the taxpayer. MORE