Business / Finance / F: Describes a stock sale in which the buyer is not entitled to the warrant accompanying the stock.

Fourier Series

Science / Tides and Currents / Fourier Series: A series proposed by the French mathematician Fourier about the year 1807. The series involves the sines and cosines of whole multiples of a varying angle and is usually written in the following form: MORE

Flood Strength

Science / Tides and Currents / Flood Strength: Phase of the flood tidal current at the time of maximum speed. Also, the speed at this time. See strength of current. MORE


Technology / Computers / Forms: A web page element that uses text fields, radio buttons and check boxes to process predefined data. Forms also allow users to interact with an application by allowing information to be passed dynamica MORE


Technology / Computers / Fetch: The process of 'fetching' a data or instruction item from memory and writing it to a register. The 'fetched' item is then either executed (instruction), or acted upon (data). MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Transformer: An electrical inductive device that can be used to provide circuitry isolation, signal coupling, impedance matching, or voltage step-up. MORE


Technology / Computers / FDISK: A disk partitioning program used by several different operating systems to create the master boot record and set partitions for the operating system. Most commonly used as: FDISK /MBR, which resets th MORE