Business / Finance / Fade: Sale of a firm's accounts receivable to a financial institution known as a factor.

Other Words for Fade

Fade Noun Synonyms: (grow) dim or pale, grow faint, cloud (over), dull, bleach, whiten, etiolate, wash out, blanch or blench, discolour

Fade Out-Fade In

Technology / Television (TV) / Fade Out-Fade In: A special effect often used for scene-to-scene transition. In a fade out the image darkens until the screen is black. In a fade in, the image starts out black and then gradually becomes visible. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Fader: Rather like the right to left balance control, however the fader moves the sonic position between the front and back speakers. MORE

Fade Away

Entertainment / Basketball / Fade Away: A fade away shot is variation on a set jump shot in which the shooter attempts his shot leaning backward, creating the effect of 'fading away' from his defender. This makes it more difficult for the d MORE

Push Fade

Entertainment / Golf / Push Fade: A shot that is both a push and a fade, starting and curving to the right of the intended target line for right-handers MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Cross-Fade: Akin to a dissolve, one sound fades out while the other fades in, resulting in a brief overlap. MORE

Fade Cut

Entertainment / Basketball / Fade Cut: A cut used by an offensive player coming off a screen when the defender is is a sagging position. MORE