Business / Finance / Fail: Refers to over-the-counter trading. Fill another OTC dealer's bid for or offer of stock.

Other Words for Fail

Fail Verb Synonyms: decline, peter out, dwindle, diminish, wane, deteriorate, weaken, decay, fade or die (out or away), disappear, flag, ebb, sink, languish, give out, gutter, go out
Fail Noun Synonyms: not succeed, be unsuccessful, miss, miscarry, misfire, fall short (of), fall flat, fall through, falter, be (found) lacking or wanting, be defective, be deficient, be or prove inadequate, come to grief or naught or nothing, go wrong, abort

Failed Acreage

Business / Agriculture / Failed Acreage: Tracts of properly-planted and managed crops that did not grow or were destroyed due to a natural disaster. Failed acreage is eligible for indemnification if covered by the federal crop insurance prog MORE

Fatigue Failure

Business / Machine Shop / Fatigue Failure: The sudden and complete breakage of a part as a result of the repeated application of a load. Fatigue failure is progressive and may not occur until after millions of load cycles. MORE

Business Failure

Business / Finance / Business Failure: A business that has terminated operations with a loss to creditors. MORE

Aged Fail

Business / Finance / Aged Fail: An account between two broker/dealers that remains intact after 30 days after the settlement date. The receiving firm must adjust its capital as it can no longer treat this account as an assets. MORE


Entertainment / Ballet / Failli: The dancer springs into the air, landing on the front foot with the back foot raised. The back foot then slides through to the front. During the spring the body is turned slightly inwards towards the MORE

Congestive Heart Failure

Health / Fitness / Congestive Heart Failure: The inability of the heart muscle to pump the blood at a life sustaining rate. MORE