Fair Game

Business / Finance / Fair Game: A deal is said to fail if on the settlement date either the seller does not deliver securities in proper form or the buyer does not to deliver funds in proper form.

Other Words for Fair

Fair Adjective Synonyms: impartial, even-handed, disinterested, equitable, just, unprejudiced, unbiased, objective, square

Other Words for Game

Game Adjective Synonyms: gamble
Game Noun Synonyms: amusement, pastime, diversion, distraction, recreation, play, sport


Entertainment / Video Games / Gamer: A person who is facile with games. Especially, someone who plays games professionally. (Term is not used within the game industry to refer to people who work in the game industry. Most people who work MORE

Games 411

Entertainment / Video Games / Games 411: Reference guide for game related businesses that lists everyone from companies, artists, music producers, marketing and distribution, and retailers. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Gameplay: The term is sometimes spelled as two words rather than one. And the term can be used in a sentence in a variety of ways to refer to different aspects of the enjoyable act of playing a game. Sometimes MORE


Entertainment / Music / Gamelan: Musical ensemble of Java or Bali, made up of gongs, chimes, metallophones and drums, among other instruments. MORE

Game Timekeeper

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Game Timekeeper: An official who is responsible for everything involved in timing the game: operating the scoreboard clock, sounding the buzzer that indicates the end of a period, and announcing, after 19 minutes have MORE


Science / Genetics / Gamete: An haploid cell.gel electrophoresis the process by which nucleic acids (dna or rna) or proteins are separated by size according to movement of the charged molecules in an electrical field. MORE