Far Month

Business / Finance / Far Month: Finance professor at the University of Chicago. Developer of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis.

Other Words for Far

Far Noun Synonyms: afar, far-away or -off, a good or great or long way or distance off or away
Far Adverb Synonyms: (more) remote or distant, far-away, far-off, extreme, further, farther, farthest


Entertainment / Music / Klangfarbenmelodie: The technique of altering the tone color of a single note or musical line by changing from one instrument to another in the middle of a note or line. MORE

Link Farm

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Link Farm: Website or group of websites which exercises little to no editorial control when linking to other sites. FFA pages, for example, are link farms. MORE

Lowest Available Fare

Life Style / Travel / Lowest Available Fare: The lowest available fare at the time of purchase, this fare is subject to change without notice to the customer. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Juhfark: Ancient variety, having numerous synonym names, currently restricted to the region north of Balaton, Hungary. Flowers early in season, ripening med/late to produce compact bunches of small berries wit MORE

Joint Fare

Life Style / Travel / Joint Fare: Special fare for travel on two or more airlines to a destination. MORE

Head Month

Business / Agriculture / Head Month: A month’s use and occupancy of rangeland by a single animal or equivalent. A full head month’s fee is charged for each month of grazing by adult animals if the grazing animal (1) is weaned, (2) is MORE