Federal Deficit (Surplus)

Business / Finance / Federal Deficit (Surplus): Agencies of the federal government set up to supply credit to various classes of institutions and individuals, e.g., S&Ls, small business firms, students, farmers, and exporters.

Other Words for Deficit

Deficit Adjective Synonyms: loss, deficiency, shortfall, shortage, default

Federal Meat Inspection Act Of 1906

Business / Agriculture / Federal Meat Inspection Act Of 1906: Enacted June 30, 1906, as chapter 3913, 34 Stat. 674, and substantially amended by the Wholesome Meat Act 1967 (P.L. 90-201), requires USDA to inspect all cattle, sheep, swine, goats, and horses when MORE

Federal Land Policy And Management Act Of 1976 (FLPMA)

Business / Agriculture / Federal Land Policy And Management Act Of 1976 (FLPMA): P.L. 94-579 (October 21, 1976) 1) set out for the Bureau of Land Management standards for managing public land, including land-use planning, sales, withdrawals, acquisitions, and exchanges: 2) authori MORE

Federal Land Credit Associations

Business / Agriculture / Federal Land Credit Associations: Institutions within the Farm Credit System (FCS) that have authority to make long-term real estate loans to eligible retail customers. Flcas receive their funds directly from the Farm Credit Banks. MORE

Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)

Business / Finance / Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae): A bank administered under the U.S. Farm Credit Administration that provides long-term mortgage credit to farmers for agriculture-related expenditures. MORE

Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)

Business / Real Estate / Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA): Popularly known as Fannie Mae, an active participant in the secondary mortgage market. Fannie Mae was established as a federal agency in 1938 for the purpose of purchasing FHA loans from loan originat MORE

Federal Observances

Life Style / Holiday / Federal Observances: A day recognized be the Federal Government as a day in need of recognition. Federal employees are not given the day off from work. MORE