Federally Related Institutions

Business / Finance / Federally Related Institutions: An institution chartered by the federal government whose primary function is to collect savings deposits and to provide mortgage loans.

Other Words for Related

Related Verb Synonyms: associate(d), affiliate(d), connected, coupled, linked, tied up, allied, correlated, coordinate(d), interconnected, interrelated, interdependent, mutual, reciprocal, common, joint, cognate

National Nutrition Monitoring And Related Research Act Of 1990

Business / Agriculture / National Nutrition Monitoring And Related Research Act Of 1990: P.L. 101-445 was enacted to establish a comprehensive, coordinated program for nutrition monitoring and related research to improve the assessment of the health and nutrition of the U.S. population. T MORE

Private-Public Institutions

Life Style / College / Private-Public Institutions: Private and public institutions differ primarily in terms of their source of financial support. Public institutions receive funding from the state or other governmental entities and are administered b MORE

Program-Related Enterprise

Business / Loan / Program-Related Enterprise: A business or enterprise designed to promote the social purpose goals of an organization as well as generate revenue. Among nonprofits, products and services are usually, but not exclusively, identifi MORE

Program-Related Investment

Business / Loan / Program-Related Investment: Broad, functional definition: A method of providing support to an organization, consistent with program goals involving the potential return of capital within an established time frame. In the context MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job-Relatedness: The requirement that an employer be able to demonstrate that a particular action, policy or job requirement is related to the actual job. MORE

Food Donations To Charitable Institutions

Business / Agriculture / Food Donations To Charitable Institutions: Donations of food by the Commodity Credit Corporation to help provide meals to needy people. Foods donated are from agricultural surpluses acquired by USDA as part of its price stabilization and surpl MORE