Business / Finance / Figure: See first in, first out.

Other Words for Figure

Figure Noun Synonyms: physique, build, shape, form, configuration, conformation, build, body, outline, silhouette, cut, cast, bod, chassis
Figure Verb Synonyms: act, participate, take or play a part or role, appear, feature, have a place, be included or mentioned, be featured or conspicuous

Lay Figure

Life Style / Painting / Lay Figure: Ajointed wooden figure, either quite small or life-size, that may be used as a substitute for the sitter. The figure is so made that the limbs can only be moved in the same way as an actual human figu MORE

Rhetorical Figures

Entertainment / Literature / Rhetorical Figures: Figures of speech such as schemes and tropes. MORE

Point And Figure Chart

Business / Finance / Point And Figure Chart: A price-only chart that takes into account only whole integer changes in price, i.e., a 2-point change. Point and figure charting disregards the element of time and is used solely to record changes in MORE

Christological Figure

Entertainment / Literature / Christological Figure: In theology, Christology is the study of Jesus' nature, i.e., whether Christ had both a human and divine nature, whether he had one sentient will alone or one human will and one divine will, whether h MORE

Figure Of Speech

Entertainment / Literature / Figure Of Speech: A scheme or a trope used for rhetorical or artistic effect. See figurative language, above. MORE

Noise Figure

Technology / Television (TV) / Noise Figure: A measure of the performance (noise contribution) of an LNB in decibels: the lower the better. MORE