Financial Leverage

Business / Finance / Financial Leverage: Long-term, noncancellable rental agreement.

Other Words for Financial

Financial Noun Synonyms: monetary, pecuniary, fiscal, economic

Leveraged Equity

Business / Finance / Leveraged Equity: Stock in a firm that relies on financial leverage. Holders of leveraged equity experience the benefits and costs of using debt. MORE

Financial Leverage Ratios

Business / Finance / Financial Leverage Ratios: A group of investors who have a preference for investing in firms that adhere to a particular financial leverage policy. MORE

Financial Leverage Clientele

Business / Finance / Financial Leverage Clientele: Use of debt to increase the expected return on equity. Financial leverage is measured by the ratio of debt to debt plus equity. MORE

Leveraged Beta

Business / Finance / Leveraged Beta: The beta of a leveraged required return; that is, the beta as adjusted for the degree of leverage in the firm's capital structure. MORE

Leverage Rebalancing

Business / Finance / Leverage Rebalancing: Making transactions to adjust (rebalance) a firm's leverage ratio to a target ratio. MORE

Leverage Ratios

Business / Finance / Leverage Ratios: Measures of the relative value of stockholders, capitalization, and creditors obligations, and of the firm's ability to pay financing charges. Value of firm's debt to the total value of the firm (debt MORE