Financial Pyramid

Business / Finance / Financial Pyramid: Public relations division of a company charged with cultivating positive investor relations and proper disclosure information.

Other Words for Financial

Financial Noun Synonyms: monetary, pecuniary, fiscal, economic

Food Guide Pyramid

Business / Agriculture / Food Guide Pyramid: A graphic developed by USDA as the consumer guide to implementing the dietary guidelines in their own food choices. It consists of a six food groups and suggests the foods and number of servings from MORE

Financial Times (F-T)-Actuaries Indexes

Business / Finance / Financial Times (F-T)-Actuaries Indexes: Tables found in newspapers listing prices, dividends, yields, price-earnings ratios, trading volume, and other important data on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and futures contracts. MORE

Financial Tables

Business / Finance / Financial Tables: A company offering a wide variety of financial services such as a combination of banking services, stock, and insurance brokerage. MORE

Financial Supermarket

Business / Finance / Financial Supermarket: The way in which a company's assets are financed, such as short-term borrowings, long-term debt, and ownership equity. Financial structure differs from capital structure in that capital structure acco MORE

Food Pyramid

Science / Biology / Food Pyramid: A way of depicting energy fiow in an ecosystem; shows producers (mostly plants or other phototrophs) on the first level and consumers on the higher levels. MORE

Freytags Pyramid

Entertainment / Literature / Freytags Pyramid: A diagram of dramatic structure, one which shows complication and emotional tension rising like one side of a pyramid toward its apex, which represents the climax of action. Once the climax is over, t MORE