First Call

Business / Finance / First Call: The Chicago Board of Trade's established dates for delivery on futures contracts.

Other Words for Call

Call Noun Synonyms: shout, cry, yell, whoop, holler
Call Verb Synonyms: shout, cry (out), hail, yell, roar, bellow, call out, holler

Other Words for First

First Adverb Synonyms: foremost, leading, chief, head, premier, prime, primary, principal, pre-eminent
First Adjective Synonyms: fundamental, elementary, basic, primary, cardinal, key, essential

First Sound Shift

Entertainment / Literature / First Sound Shift: In Grimm's Law, the systematic transformation of the Proto-Germanic Indo-European stop sounds. MORE

First Stage Surgery

Health / Dentistry / First Stage Surgery: This refers to the preparatory stage for an implant procedure. In the case of the subperio-- steal implant, it refers to the surgical bone impression and bone bite, which is done in order to construct MORE

First Sitting

Life Style / Travel / First Sitting: The earlier of two meal times in the ship's dining room - often called 'main seating.' MORE

First Service

Entertainment / Tennis / First Service: The first of the two serves of a tennis ball a player is allowed at the beginning of a point. MORE

First Reduction

Science / Tides and Currents / First Reduction: A method of determining high and low water heights, time intervals, and ranges from an arithmetic mean without adjustment to a long-term series through comparison of simultaneous observations. MORE

First Responder

Health / First Aid / First Responder: Often, first responder is used as a general term for all emergency service personnel who are expected to respond to medical emergencies or large-scale disasters. A public safety official -- such as a MORE