Business / Finance / Fixation: A rule of the National Association of Securities Dealers providing ethical guidelines for spreads created by market makers and commissions charged by brokers.

Other Words for Fixation

Fixation Noun Synonyms: mania, obsession, compulsion, fixed idea, id‚e fixe, fetish, monomania, preoccupation, infatuation, hang-up, thing, kick

Target Fixation

Technology / Motorcycle / Target Fixation: A motorcyclist often inadvertently looks at an object and finds himself/herself headed straight for that object. This is target fixation and must be avoided. It's also said that 'you go where you look MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Infixation: Also called epenthesis, infixation is placing an infix (a new syllable, a word, or similar phonetic addition) in the middle of a larger word. Some languages regularly use infixation as a part of their MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Affixation: Making words by adding an affix to a previously existing base word or stem. For instance, the affix -ly can be added to the base word (or stem) quick to create the word quickly. This process is affixa MORE

Nitrogen Fixation

Science / Marine Biology / Nitrogen Fixation: The conversion of gaseous nitrogen to nitrate by specialized bacteria. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Fixer: Chemical solution used for fixation. MORE

Acid Rinse

Entertainment / Photography / Acid Rinse: Weak acid solution used after development and before fixation. By neutralizing alkaline developer left on the photographic material it arrests development. MORE