Fixed Annuities

Business / Finance / Fixed Annuities: The process of setting a price of a commodity, whether in the present or the future. See: Gold fixing.

Other Words for Fixed

Fixed Adjective Synonyms: settled, resolved, agreed, regular, habitual, decided, arranged, prearranged, definite, established
Fixed Noun Synonyms: fastened, attached, anchored, set, secure(d), firm, stable, settled, immovable, immobile, stationary, rigid, rooted, solid, immobilized, stuck

Fixed Unit

Life Style / Time Shares / Fixed Unit: The owner of a fixed unit timeshare property will always have the same physical unit each year, at the same location. However if this time period is fixed by week number (1-52), the actual start date MORE

Fixed Week

Life Style / Time Shares / Fixed Week: A fixed week is a specific week during the calendar year usually identified by a number. Most fixed weeks begin on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Each week is given a number starting with the first we MORE

Fixed Year

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Fixed Year: A term used to describe an invariable year such as a calendar or fiscal year. MORE

Fixed-Charge Coverage Ratio

Business / Finance / Fixed-Charge Coverage Ratio: A unit investment trust consisting of securities that were agreed upon at the time of investment and do not change. MORE

Fixed Trust

Business / Finance / Fixed Trust: An offering of securities at a fixed price. MORE

Fixed Stars

Science / Astrology / Fixed Stars: Stars which, because of their great distance from Earth, appear to be motionless or fixed in space although in actuality they are not. MORE