Fixed Benefits

Business / Finance / Fixed Benefits: The ratio of net Property, Plant and Equipment book value to tangible equity, used as a type of efficiency ratio. Typical values for this ratio vary from one industry to another. Higher values for the ratio represent a more capital-intensive company, which may be good or bad depending on the industry and how well the assets are being used to generate revenues.

Other Words for Benefits

Benefits Noun Synonyms: perquisite(s), emolument(s), allowance(s), extra(s), fringe benefit(s), perk(s)

Other Words for Fixed

Fixed Adjective Synonyms: settled, resolved, agreed, regular, habitual, decided, arranged, prearranged, definite, established
Fixed Noun Synonyms: fastened, attached, anchored, set, secure(d), firm, stable, settled, immovable, immobile, stationary, rigid, rooted, solid, immobilized, stuck

Fixed-Dollar Security

Business / Finance / Fixed-Dollar Security: Conventional bonds for which the coupon rate is set at a fixed percentage of the par value. MORE

Fixed-Dollar Obligations

Business / Finance / Fixed-Dollar Obligations: A measure of a firm's ability to meet its fixed-charge obligations: the ratio of (net earnings before taxes plus interest charges paid plus long-term lease payments) to (interest charges paid plus lon MORE

Fixed-Charge Coverage Ratio

Business / Finance / Fixed-Charge Coverage Ratio: A unit investment trust consisting of securities that were agreed upon at the time of investment and do not change. MORE