Fixed Dates

Business / Finance / Fixed Dates: Expenses that are assumed not to vary with sales volume within the expected range of sales volumes, such as rent or administrative costs. This is an important concept in breakeven analysis and in distinguishing between gross margin and contribution margin. See also variable costs.

Other Words for Fixed

Fixed Adjective Synonyms: settled, resolved, agreed, regular, habitual, decided, arranged, prearranged, definite, established
Fixed Noun Synonyms: fastened, attached, anchored, set, secure(d), firm, stable, settled, immovable, immobile, stationary, rigid, rooted, solid, immobilized, stuck

Fixed Exchange Rate

Business / Finance / Fixed Exchange Rate: In the Euromarket, the standard periods for which Euros are traded (one month out to a year out) are referred to as the fixed dates. MORE

Fixed Unit

Life Style / Time Shares / Fixed Unit: The owner of a fixed unit timeshare property will always have the same physical unit each year, at the same location. However if this time period is fixed by week number (1-52), the actual start date MORE

Fixed Week

Life Style / Time Shares / Fixed Week: A fixed week is a specific week during the calendar year usually identified by a number. Most fixed weeks begin on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Each week is given a number starting with the first we MORE

Fixed-Charge Coverage Ratio

Business / Finance / Fixed-Charge Coverage Ratio: A unit investment trust consisting of securities that were agreed upon at the time of investment and do not change. MORE

Fixed Trust

Business / Finance / Fixed Trust: An offering of securities at a fixed price. MORE

Fixed Year

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Fixed Year: A term used to describe an invariable year such as a calendar or fiscal year. MORE