Business / Finance / Flash: A pattern reflecting price fluctuations within a narrow range, generating a rectangular area on a graph both prior to and after sharp rises or declines.

Other Words for Flash

Flash Verb Synonyms: dazzling, showy, ostentatious, smart, chic, swish, classy, ritzy, snazzy
Flash Noun Synonyms: blaze, flame, flare, burst, dazzle, spark, sparkle, coruscation, fulguration, glitter, twinkle, twinkling, flicker, flickering, scintilla, scintillation, glint, shimmer, glimmer, gleam, beam, ray, shaft

Electronic Flash

Entertainment / Photography / Electronic Flash: Artificial lighting produced by an electronic discharge in a gas filled tube. A single tube can produce a large number of flashes. MORE

Dedicated Flash

Entertainment / Photography / Dedicated Flash: Flash gun designed to integrate automatically into a cameras exposure reading and shutter circuitry. MORE

Multiple Flash

Entertainment / Photography / Multiple Flash: Is the use of more than one flash unit, usually operating simultaneously to light a subject. MORE

Thyristor Flash Gun

Entertainment / Photography / Thyristor Flash Gun: Automatic flash gun which cuts off the flash when the exposure is correct. This conserves power, makes recycling quicker, and battery life longer. MORE

Piezo-Electric Flash

Entertainment / Photography / Piezo-Electric Flash: Tiny flash bulbs (normally housed in flash cubes) which can be fired by a very low current produced by striking a piezo-electric crystal. Such bulbs can therefore be used without a battery. MORE

Fill Flash

Technology / Digital Cameras / Fill Flash: A flash technique used to brighten deep shadow areas, typically outdoors on sunny days. Some digital cameras include a fill flash mode that forces the flash to fire, even in bright light. MORE