Flip Side

Business / Finance / Flip Side: The tendency of investors to move toward safer investments (often government bonds) during periods of high economic uncertainty.

Other Words for Flip

Flip Noun Synonyms: toss, flick, snap, flop, turn, twist, spin

Other Words for Side

Side Noun Synonyms: affectation, pretension, haughtiness, arrogance, insolence, pretentiousness, airs
Side Verb Synonyms: surface, face, plane, facet

Side Effects

Health / Acupuncture / Side Effects: Problems that occur when treatment goes beyond the desired effect. Or problems that occur in addition to the desired therapeutic effect. MORE

Side Lighting

Entertainment / Photography / Side Lighting: Light striking the subject from the side relative to the position of the camera. It produces shadows and highlights to create modeling on the subject. MORE

Side Lobes

Technology / Radar / Side Lobes: Unwanted lobes of a radiation pattern, ie., lobes other than major lobes. Also called minor lobes. MORE

Side Cutter

Business / Machine Shop / Side Cutter: A milling cutter that has cutting teeth on the side as well as on the periphery or circumference. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Side: ('back side, front side') another term for each 9 holes of an 18 hole course MORE

Short Side

Entertainment / Golf / Short Side: 1. The side of the putting green closest to the position of the cup 2. (short-side) when hyphenated, the act of playing one's ball into a position off the short side of the green, (commonly but not a MORE