Business / Finance / Flurry: The limit created by the commodity exchange that halts trading on a future if the price of the future changes, in either direction, more than a previously set amount.

Other Words for Flurry

Flurry Noun Synonyms: activity, commotion, ado, to-do, fuss, upset, hubbub, pother, stir, excitement, disturbance, agitation, tumult, whirl, furore, bustle, hurry, hustle, flutter, fluster, burst, outburst, tizzy

Snow Flurry

Science / Weather / Snow Flurry: Light showers of snow, generally very brief without any measurable accumulation. May be reported as 'SHSN--' in an observation and on the METAR. MORE

Stop Price

Business / Taxes / Stop Price: When you give an order to buy or sell a stock or other security once it has reached a certain price, the price you name is known as the stop price. When you ask your broker to buy, your stop price is MORE

Special Situation

Business / Taxes / Special Situation: An undervalued stock that one or more analysts expects to increase in price in the very near future because of an anticipated — and welcome — change within the company is known as a special situat MORE

Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation And Amortization (EBITDA)

Business / Accounting / Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation And Amortization (EBITDA): Is used to isolate operating numbers from long-term costs -- for example, goodwill resulting from a flurry of acquisitions. MORE