Forecast Period

Business / Finance / Forecast Period: Occurs when a convertible security is called in by the issuer, usually when the underlying stock is selling well above the conversion price. The issuer thus assures the bonds will be retired without requiring any cash payment. Upon conversion into common, the carrying value of the bonds becomes part of a corporation's equity, thus strengthening the balance sheet and enhancing future debt capability.

Other Words for Forecast

Forecast Noun Synonyms: predict, foretell, prophesy, prognosticate, foresee, augur, presage, vaticinate, anticipate, forewarn, calculate

Other Words for Period

Period Noun Synonyms: interval, time, term, span, duration, spell, space, stretch, while, patch

Forecast Year

Business / Finance / Forecast Year: The month and year on which the forecast period begins. See also Forecast Year. MORE


Business / Finance / Forecasting: Most people choose the forecast year to coincide with either the January-December calendar year or the fiscal year of the business, but this is not a requirement. Depending on the forecast start month MORE


Business / Finance / Periods: Discrete intervals of time. The word period generally refers either to the interval of the entire forecast (as in forecast period) or the granularity of data in financial statements (as in periodicity MORE