Business / Finance / Foreclosure: Financial forecasting is the process of estimating future financial performance. The projected financial performance of a business is measured by using pro-forma financial statements as well as other indicators such as trend analysis, ratio analysis, and return on equity. Forecasting often takes a higher-level viewpoint than the related activity of budgeting. In broader terms, forecasting can also refer to estimates of broad economic activity in a country, industry, or financial area. For instance, analysts and economists release forecasts of where interest rates or stock market prices might go in the future.

Strict Foreclosure

Business / Real Estate / Strict Foreclosure: In a strict foreclosure procedure, after a delinquent borrower has been notified and the proper papers have been filed, the court designates a specific period during which the balance of the default m MORE

Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure

Business / Real Estate / Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure: Voluntarily signing over to a lender the property pledged as collateral on a defaulted loan. It is an alternative to a foreclosure action. Its main disadvantage to a lender is that the deed does not w MORE

Judicial Foreclosure

Business / Real Estate / Judicial Foreclosure: A method of foreclosing on real property by means of a court-supervised sale. In a judicial foreclosure, there is an appraisal, after which the court determines an upset price below which no bids to p MORE