Foreign Market

Business / Finance / Foreign Market: An agreement to exchange stipulated amounts of one currency for another currency at one or more future dates.

Other Words for Foreign

Foreign Adjective Synonyms: alien, imported, non-native, overseas, distant, tramontane, transalpine, transatlantic, transpacific

Other Words for Market

Market Noun Synonyms: demand, customer base, call
Market Verb Synonyms: market-place, exchange, Stock Exchange
Market Adjective Synonyms: shop, store, bazaar, supermarket, superstore

Samurai Market

Business / Finance / Samurai Market: The foreign market in Japan. MORE

Bulldog Market

Business / Finance / Bulldog Market: The foreign market in the United Kingdom. MORE

Rembrandt Market

Business / Finance / Rembrandt Market: The foreign market in the Netherlands. MORE

Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC)

Business / Finance / Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC): A measure of foreign market risk that is derived from the capital asset pricing model. MORE

Matador Market

Business / Finance / Matador Market: The foreign market in Spain. MORE

Internal Market

Business / Finance / Internal Market: The mechanisms for issuing and trading securities within a nation, including its domestic market and foreign market. Compare: External market. MORE