Forward Fed Funds

Business / Finance / Forward Fed Funds: Foreign currency purchase or sale at the current exchange rate but with payment or delivery of the foreign currency at a future date.

Other Words for Forward

Forward Noun Synonyms: advance, leading, foremost, front, head, first
Forward Adverb Synonyms: advance, further, promote, back, foster, support, aid, assist, help, patronize, encourage, nourish, nurse along
Forward Verb Synonyms: speed (up), accelerate, advance, hasten, expedite, hurry, quicken, step up
Forward Adjective Synonyms: (well-)advanced, (well-)developed, progressive, precocious, forward-looking

Other Words for Funds

Funds Noun Synonyms: money, (hard) cash, ready money, assets, means, wealth, resources, wherewithal, savings, capital, nest egg, endowment, loot, lucre, pelf, green, bread, dough, ready, readies, lolly, bucks, scratch

Forward Premium

Business / Finance / Forward Premium: A market in which participants agree to trade some commodity, security, or foreign exchange at a fixed price for future delivery. MORE

Forward Press

Entertainment / Golf / Forward Press: A (usually slight) movement of the hands and arms forward (in the direction of the target) to initiate or trigger the backswing MORE

Forward Price-To-Earnings Ratio

Business / Taxes / Forward Price-To-Earnings Ratio: Stock analysts calculate a forward price-to-earnings ratio, or forward P/E, by dividing a stock's current price by estimated future earnings per share. Some forward P/Es are calculated based on estima MORE

Forward Pitch

Entertainment / Bowling / Forward Pitch: Angling of the thumbhole inward and/or the finger holes upward so that the tip of the bowler's thumb is pointing more towards the palm and/or the fingers are angled away from the palm. Promotes hangin MORE

Forward Pass

Entertainment / Football / Forward Pass: A pass that touches a person, object, or the ground closer to the opponent's end line than where it was released from, or is accidentally lost during a forward throwing motion. MORE

Forward Interest Rate

Business / Finance / Forward Interest Rate: In Eurocurrencies, a contract under which a deposit of fixed maturity is agreed to at a fixed price for future delivery. MORE