Forward Trade

Business / Finance / Forward Trade: A method for hedging price risk that involves an agreement between a lender and an investor to sell particular kinds of loans at a specified price and future time.

Other Words for Forward

Forward Verb Synonyms: speed (up), accelerate, advance, hasten, expedite, hurry, quicken, step up
Forward Adjective Synonyms: (well-)advanced, (well-)developed, progressive, precocious, forward-looking
Forward Noun Synonyms: advance, leading, foremost, front, head, first
Forward Adverb Synonyms: advance, further, promote, back, foster, support, aid, assist, help, patronize, encourage, nourish, nurse along

Other Words for Trade

Trade Adjective Synonyms: commerce, business, traffic, exchange, barter, dealing(s), buying and selling, merchandising, marketing, mercantilism, truck
Trade Noun Synonyms: exchange, swap or swop, interchange, switch, barter, return

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Health / Yoga / Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana): A seated pose. Sit in Rod or Staff pose. Extend your body forward. Flatten the back and bring your hands down to your feet. MORE

Seated-Wide Leg Forward Bend (Upavista Konasana)

Health / Yoga / Seated-Wide Leg Forward Bend (Upavista Konasana): A seated pose. Sit and spread your legs wide apart. Keep your buttocks on the floor. Extend and stretch your body, bringing your abdomen, chest and chin down onto the floor between your legs. MORE

Sideways Forward Bend (Parsvottanasana)

Health / Yoga / Sideways Forward Bend (Parsvottanasana): A standing pose. Stand with your feet 3 to 3.5-feet apart, turning your left foot in and your right foot out. Hands should rest on your hips. Rotate body to one side and bend the body forward at the g MORE

Round-Trip Trade

Business / Finance / Round-Trip Trade: The purchase and sale of a security within a short period of time. MORE

Roll Forward

Business / Finance / Roll Forward: To move to an option position with a later expiration date. MORE

Reversing Trade

Business / Finance / Reversing Trade: Entering the opposite side of a currently held futures position to close out the position. MORE