Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)

Business / Finance / Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation): The largest of Germany's eight securities exchanges, operated by Deutsche Borse AS.

Other Words for Home

Home Adjective Synonyms: dwelling-place, residence, domicile, abode, dwelling, house, (living) quarters, habitation, lodging(s), accommodation or accommodations, place, digs, diggings
Home Noun Synonyms: (home) base, residency, territory, haunt, home ground, bailiwick, stamping-ground

Other Words for Loan

Loan Verb Synonyms: advance, allowance, credit, accommodation


Business / Finance / Mortgager: The borrower of a loan secured by property. MORE

Multi-Lender Rule Loans

Business / Real Estate / Multi-Lender Rule Loans: Loans involving 10 or fewer investors regulated by the Corporation Commissioner. MORE

Mortgagees Title Insurance

Business / Real Estate / Mortgagees Title Insurance: An insurance policy protecting the lender for the amount of the loan in the event of a future title dispute. MORE


Business / Construction / Mortgagee: The lender who makes the mortgage loan. MORE

Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS)

Business / Real Estate / Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS): A security guaranteed by pools of mortgages and used to channel funds from securities markets to housing markets. Ginnie Mae has a popular MBS program recognized for its low risk and high yield. The G MORE

Multiclass Mortgage Securities

Business / Real Estate / Multiclass Mortgage Securities: Short- and long-term mortgage securities, with or without pass-through privileges. MORE