Free Cash Flows

Business / Finance / Free Cash Flows: A bank vault or other suitable storage place for the securities of a firm's customer.

Other Words for Cash

Cash Noun Synonyms: money, currency, bills, notes, banknotes, change, hard cash or money, specie, coin of the realm, legal tender, moolah, dough, bread, loot, spondulicks or spondulix, lolly, ready, readies, scratch, gelt

Other Words for Free

Free Adjective Synonyms: liberated, at large, let go, let off, emancipated, delivered, manumitted, set free, unshackled, unfettered, released, freed, loose, out, sprung, on the loose
Free Noun Synonyms: at liberty, unfettered, unchained, unshackled, unconfined, untrammelled, unencumbered, unrestrained, unrestricted, unconstrained, uncontrolled, free-born, independent, self-governing, self-governed, self-ruling, autonomous, democratic, sovereign
Free Verb Synonyms: relieve, rid, unburden, disburden, disencumber, unbosom, rescue, redeem
Free Adverb Synonyms: set free, set at liberty, enfranchise, release, let go, liberate, let out, let loose, unloose, unchain, unfetter, uncage, emancipate, disenthrall, manumit, pardon, parole, furlough


Health / Fitness / Free-Form: Amino Acids Structurally unlinked individual amino acids. MORE

Free-Floating Anxiety

Science / Psychiatry / Free-Floating Anxiety: pervasive and unfocused anxiety. MORE


Business / Finance / Free-Riding: A term used to indicate that an underwriting syndicate's members are no longer restricted to the fixed price agreed upon in the agreement among underwriters and are permitted to trade the security on MORE

Free-Run Wine

Life Style / Wine / Free-Run Wine: The free-run wine is the juice that runs off the vat without any pressing. The wine released by pressing the cap is known as press wine. MORE

Free-Style Cruising

Life Style / Travel / Free-Style Cruising: Norwegian cruise lines' term used to describe their onboard program whereby passengers have the freedom to choose where and when they dine, and a wider variety of entertainment and activity options. MORE

Free-Air Configuration

Technology / Home Audio / Free-Air Configuration: This description usually indicates a speaker that, in the opinion of the manufacturer, is suitable for mounting in only a minimal enclosure, such as a baffle board that separates the back wave from th MORE