Fresh Signal

Business / Finance / Fresh Signal: Updated estimation of a stock or market, usually following recent trading activity or news that has changed the previous look.

Other Words for Fresh

Fresh Adverb Synonyms: new, today's, brand-new, (most) recent, late(st)
Fresh Adjective Synonyms: raw, inexperienced, untested, unsophisticated, green, untried, unfledged, immature, untrained, naive, callow, (still) wet behind the ears, still in nappies, still in diapers

Signal Anxiety

Science / Psychiatry / Signal Anxiety: An ego mechanism that results in activation of defensive operations to protect the ego from being overwhelmed by an excess of excitement. The anxiety reaction that was originally experienced in a trau MORE

Signal Processors

Technology / Home Audio / Signal Processors: Electronic devices which alter sound either to achieve a particular effect or to solve a problem with that sound (e.g. Delays, compressors, reverbs, noise gates, equalizers). MORE


Business / Finance / Signal: Demand for immediate payment. MORE

Refresh Rate

Technology / Computers / Refresh Rate: Refers to the speed in which an image can be flashed or re-drawn on a monitors screen. The higher the refresh rate, the more unnoticeable the flashing will be to the naked eye. A low refresh rate will MORE


Technology / Computers / Refresh: Generally, to update something with new data. For example, some Web browsers include a refresh button that updates the currently display Web pages. This feature is also called reload. To recharge a de MORE

Signal To Noise Ratio

Technology / Home Audio / Signal To Noise Ratio: A measurement of noise level in a device compared to the level of the signal. Higher numbers signify a greater difference, which is better. In technical terms, it is the ratio, expressed in db, of sig MORE