Functional Currency

Business / Finance / Functional Currency: Money that can be used to invest in risky investments with high potential return.

Other Words for Functional

Functional Verb Synonyms: working, operating, operational, running, going
Functional Noun Synonyms: utilitarian,eful, serviceable, practical, practicable, functioning, working, essential, important, effective

Functional Group

Science / Chemistry / Functional Group: A substructure that imparts characteristic chemical behaviors to a molecule, for example, a carboxylic acid group. MORE

Functional Genomics

Science / Genetics / Functional Genomics: The study of genes, their resulting proteins, and the role played by the proteins the body's biochemical processes. MORE

Functional Hallucination

Science / Psychiatry / Functional Hallucination: the stimulus causing the hallucination is heard in addition to the hallucination. e.g. someone hears MORE

Functional Obsolescence

Business / Real Estate / Functional Obsolescence: A loss of value to an improvement to real estate arising from functional problems, often caused by age or poor design. MORE

Functional Shift

Entertainment / Literature / Functional Shift: The linguistic equivalent of poetic anthimeria, in which one part of grammatical speech becomes another. An especially common type of functional shift in everyday grammar is taking a noun and treating MORE

Functional Currency

Business / Accounting / Functional Currency: The currency in which a subsidiary conducts most of its business: generally, but not always, the currency of the country where it does most of its spending and earning. MORE