Business / Finance / G: The price at which parties to a futures contract agree to transact upon the settlement date.

Immigration Customs And Enforcement (ICE)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Immigration Customs And Enforcement (ICE): Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the largest investigative branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The agency was created after 9/11, by combining the law enforcement arms of MORE

Finger Joint

Business / Construction / Finger Joint: A manufacturing process of interlocking two shorter pieces of wood end to end to create a longer piece of dimensional lumber or molding. Often used in jambs and casings and are normally painted (inste MORE

Gloss Enamel

Business / Construction / Gloss Enamel: A finishing paint material. Forms a hard coating with maximum smoothness of surface and dries to a sheen or luster (gloss) MORE

Double Glass

Business / Construction / Double Glass: Window or door in which two panes of glass are used with a sealed air space between. Also known as Insulating Glass. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Glockenspiel: Percussion instrument with horizontal, tuned steel bars of various sizes that are struck with mallets and produce a bright metallic sound MORE

Cove Molding

Business / Construction / Cove Molding: A molding with a concave face used as trim or to finish interior corners. MORE