Business / Finance / Gearing: An economic technique used to account for inflation by comparing the current-dollar gross domestic product GDP to constant-dollar GDP as a ratio. The ratio accounts for price changes of goods and services that make up GDP and changes in the composite of GDP.

Gearing (Leverage)

Business / Accounting / Gearing (Leverage): The comparison of a company's long term fixed interest loans compared to its assets. In general two different methods are used: 1. Balance sheet gearing is calculated by dividing long term loans with MORE


Technology / Motors / Gearhead: The portion of a gearmotor which contains the actual gearing which converts the basic motor speed to the rated output speed. MORE

Planetary Gear

Technology / Motorcycle / Planetary Gear: A gear system that consists of one or more outer gears (or planet gears), rotating about a central gear (or sun gear). Planet gears are often mounted on a movable arm or carrier which also may rotate MORE


Business / Accounting / Leverage: See Gearing . MORE

Creative Accounting

Business / Accounting / Creative Accounting: A questionable! means of making a companies figures appear more (or less) appealing to shareholders etc. An example is 'branding' where the 'value' of a brand name is added to intangible assets which MORE