Get Hit

Business / Finance / Get Hit: A reverse repurchase agreement between mortgage firms and securities dealers. Under the agreement, the firm sells federal agency-guaranteed MBS and simultaneously agrees to repurchase them at a future date at a fixed price.

Other Words for Get

Get Verb Synonyms: receive, be given, come by
Get Noun Synonyms: obtain, secure, acquire, come by or into (the) possession of, procure, pick up, collect, buy, purchase, book, retain, hire, engage, rent, lease, accede to, inherit, fall heir to, succeed to

Other Words for Hit

Hit Noun Synonyms: strike, cuff, smack, knock, whack, bash, bang, thump, thwack, punch, buffet, slap, swat, bludgeon, club, smite, spank, thrash, beat, pummel, batter, flog, scourge, birch, cane, lash, belabour, flagellate, whip, horsewhip, cudgel, fustigate
Hit Verb Synonyms: strike, collide or impact with, run or smash or crash into, bump or bang into

Target Risk Fund

Business / Taxes / Target Risk Fund: A target risk fund is a fund of funds that maintains a specific asset allocation in order to provide an essentially level exposure to investment risk. You may find a target risk fund attractive if you MORE

Target Zone Arrangement

Business / Finance / Target Zone Arrangement: In the context of takeovers, the price at which an acquirer aims to buy a target firm. In the context of options, the price of the underlying security at which an option will become in the money. In t MORE

Targeted Amortization Class (TAC) Bonds

Business / Finance / Targeted Amortization Class (TAC) Bonds: A monetary system under which countries pledge to maintain their exchange rates within a specific margin around agreed-upon, fixed central exchange rates. MORE

Target Price

Business / Agriculture / Target Price: Price levels established by past law for wheat, corn, grain sorghum, barley, oats, rice, and upland cotton. Prior to 1996, farmers participating in annual federal commodity programs received deficienc MORE

Target Pin (Object Pin)

Entertainment / Bowling / Target Pin (Object Pin): The pin that must be hit to make a shot. MORE

Target Heart Rate Zone

Health / Fitness / Target Heart Rate Zone: The number of heartbeats per minute reflecting the exercise intensity that gains the maximum training benefits from an aerobic workout. The formula for obtaining a target heart rate equals 220 minus y MORE