Get Out

Business / Finance / Get Out: Go lower in price, when bids in the stock or market are hit, causing those bids to vanish and be replaced by lower ones. Come in. Antithesis of on the take.

Other Words for Get

Get Verb Synonyms: receive, be given, come by
Get Noun Synonyms: obtain, secure, acquire, come by or into (the) possession of, procure, pick up, collect, buy, purchase, book, retain, hire, engage, rent, lease, accede to, inherit, fall heir to, succeed to

Other Words for Out

Out Adjective Synonyms: outlying, distant, far-off, peripheral
Out Adverb Synonyms: outside, outdoors, in or into the open air

Pre-Shot Routine

Entertainment / Golf / Pre-Shot Routine: Procedure prior to hitting a golf shot, usually thought of as a consistent sequence (see my article on the pre-shot routine) MORE

Plymouth Gin

Entertainment / Liquor / Plymouth Gin: A less dry type of gin than London gin. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Pitchout: When a pitch is thrown wide of the strike zone on purpose. A catcher will signal for a pitchout if they think that a runner is trying to steal. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Pitch-Out: A lateral tossed from a quarterback to a running back. MORE

Preamp Output

Technology / Home Audio / Preamp Output: Typically found on headunits, a preamp output provides low level, high quality audio signal for use with external amplifiers. MORE

Priced Out

Business / Finance / Priced Out: The market has already incorporated information, such as a low dividend, into the price of a stock. MORE