Global Depository Receipt

Business / Finance / Global Depository Receipt: Bonds designed to qualify for immediate trading in any domestic capital market and in the Euromarket.

Other Words for Global

Global Verb Synonyms: worldwide, international, broad, extensive, wide-ranging, far-reaching, epidemic, pandemic, universal

Other Words for Receipt

Receipt Verb Synonyms: sales receipt, register receipt, sales slip, ticket, stub, counterfoil, proof of purchase, voucher

Global Warming

Science / Marine Biology / Global Warming: Predicted increase in the earth's oceanic and atmospheric temperature, owing to additions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, as a result of human activities MORE


Business / Finance / Globalization: A mutual fund that can invest anywhere in the world, including the U.S. MORE

Globalization Of Wine

Life Style / Wine / Globalization Of Wine: Refers to the increasingly international nature of the wine industry, including vineyard management practices, winemaking techniques, wine styles, and wine marketing. MORE

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

Technology / Cell Phones / Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM): GSM is a digital cellular phone technology based on TDMA that is the predominant system Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and in parts of America and Canada. First introduced in 1991, the GSM stan MORE

Global Relocation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Global Relocation: The process of transferring an individual’s residence from the United States to a foreign country for the purpose of completing an international job assignment. MORE

Global Distribution System (Gds)

Life Style / Travel / Global Distribution System (Gds): An international computer reservation system that accesses many databases of suppliers, airlines, etc. In different countries, such as amadeus. MORE