Go Around

Business / Finance / Go Around: Used for listed equity securities. Buy or sell at prices that randomly occur on the floor, participating in what trades the specialist and other players will allow.

Other Words for Around

Around Adverb Synonyms: about, approximately, nearly, almost, roughly, circa
Around Preposition Synonyms: round, about, surrounding, encompassing, enveloping, encircling, on all sides of, in all directions from, enclosing

Other Words for Go

Go Verb Synonyms: move (ahead or forward or onwards), proceed, advance, pass, make headway, travel, voyage, set off, tour, trek, wend, stir, budge


Life Style / Coffee / Huehuetenango: One of the better coffees of Guatemala. MORE

Hugo Award

Entertainment / Literature / Hugo Award: The familiar nickname for the Science Fiction Achievement Award, given each year since 1954 to an outstanding work of science fiction or fantasy literature. The categories change yearly, but typically MORE


Science / Biology / Homozygous: Having identical alleles for a given gene. MORE


Science / Genetics / Homozygote: Having identical alleles at one or more loci in homologous chromosome segments. MORE

Homologous Structures

Science / Biology / Homologous Structures: Body parts in different organisms that have similar bones and similar arrangements of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves and undergo similar embryological development, but do not necessarily serve the MORE

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

Science / Biology / Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): A peptide hormone secreted by the chorion that prolongs the life of the corpus luteum and prevents the breakdown of the uterine lining. MORE