Gold Coins

Business / Finance / Gold Coins: Certificate of an investor, that shows proof of ownership of gold bullion.

Gold Certificate

Business / Finance / Gold Certificate: Investment-grade, pure gold, which may be smelted into gold coins or gold bars. MORE

Golden Handshake

Business / Finance / Golden Handshake: A contract that binds a broker to a brokerage firm by offering the broker commissions and bonuses, but penalizes the broker if he or she goes to work for another firm. MORE

Golden Hello

Business / Finance / Golden Hello: A large payment to a senior employee who is forced into retirement or fired as a result of a takeover or simular development. MORE

Golden Isles

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Golden Isles: V.rotundifolia (ie. Muscadine) variety. Derived from a Fry x Georgia 19-6 cross. No other details as yet. MORE

Golden Handcuffs

Business / Finance / Golden Handcuffs: Analysts who recommends gold as an investment/hedge. MORE

Golden Muscat

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Golden Muscat: Hardy, productive vine derived from a (Moore's) Diamond and Muscat Hamburg variety cross. Suitable for white wine production. Tendency to have high acid content in cool climate regions if not fully ri MORE