Graduated Call Writing

Business / Finance / Graduated Call Writing: The time period stipulated in most loan contracts and insurance policies during which a late payment will not result in default or cancellation.

Other Words for Call

Call Noun Synonyms: shout, cry, yell, whoop, holler
Call Verb Synonyms: shout, cry (out), hail, yell, roar, bellow, call out, holler

Other Words for Writing

Writing Verb Synonyms: handwriting, longhand, penmanship, script, calligraphy or chirography, scribble

Latino-Latina Writing

Entertainment / Literature / Latino-Latina Writing: Twentieth-and twenty-first-century writing and poetry by Hispanic immigrants or their children. Most scholars use the term Latino to refer to literature written in English with short sections or phras MORE

Local Calling Area

Technology / Cell Phones / Local Calling Area: The geographical area that a customer may call without incurring toll charges. MORE

Irrational Call Option

Business / Finance / Irrational Call Option: The implied call imbedded in a MBS. Irrational because the call is sometimes not exercised when it is in the money (interest rates are below the threshold to refinance), and sometimes exercised when i MORE

Implied Call

Business / Finance / Implied Call: Result of a borrower's reduced credit rating. MORE

House Call

Business / Finance / House Call: A type of account at a brokerage firm that is given a high level of priority and is handled by the main office or an executive, rather than a traditional salesperson. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Hygroscopically: By absorbing moisture from air. MORE