Graham-Harvey Measure 2

Business / Finance / Graham-Harvey Measure 2: Performance measure developed by John Graham and Campbell Harvey. The idea is to lever a fund's portfolio to exactly match the volatility of the S&P 500. The difference between the fund's levered return and the S&P 500 return is the performance measure.

Other Words for Measure

Measure Noun Synonyms: system, standard, criterion, rule, method, barometer, Richter scale
Measure Adverb Synonyms: amount, quantity, magnitude, amplitude, size, bulk, mass, extent, reach, dimension, scope, proportions, range, spread, capacity, volume, width, length, breadth, height, weight
Measure Adjective Synonyms: scale, gauge or technical gage, yardstick, rule, litmus test

Post Oak 2

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Post Oak 2: V.lincecumii derived cultivar. MORE

Poulters Measure

Life Style / Poetry / Poulters Measure: Couplets in which a twelve-syllable line rhymes with a fourteen-syllable line. Chapman uses this form in his translation of homer. Hymn writers split the couplet into a quatrain (6 6 8 6), as did ball MORE

Process Measures

Health / Health Insurance / Process Measures: Healthcare quality indicators related to the methods and procedures that a managed care organization and its providers use to furnish care. MORE

Portfolio R2

Business / Finance / Portfolio R2: Used in the context of general equities. Number between 0 and 1 that measures the strength of correlation of movement between the portfolio/stock and the index. Indeed, the R2 is the square of the cor MORE

Performance Measures

Health / Health Insurance / Performance Measures: Quantitative measures of the quality of care provided by a health plan or provider that consumers, payors, regulators, and others can use to compare the plan or provider to other plans and providers. MORE

Packers And Stockyards Act Of 1921

Business / Agriculture / Packers And Stockyards Act Of 1921: P.L. 67-51 (August 15, 1921) remains, in amended form, the basic authority for USDA to regulate marketing practices in the livestock, poultry, and meat industries. The law was enacted to prevent unfai MORE