Business / Finance / Grantor: A provision included in a new rule or regulation that exempts a business that is already conducting business in the area addressed by the regulation from penalty or restriction.

Grantor Trust

Business / Finance / Grantor Trust: A tax-saving trust in which a grantor transfers property to a beneficiary, but receives income until termination, at which time the beneficiary begins receiving the income. MORE

Grantor Retained Income Trust (GRIT)

Business / Finance / Grantor Retained Income Trust (GRIT): A trader in the options market who makes premium income by selling options. MORE

Habendum Clause

Business / Real Estate / Habendum Clause: That part of a deed beginning with the words to have and to hold, following the grantor is conveying. MORE

Mineral Rights

Business / Real Estate / Mineral Rights: Rights to subsurface land and profits. Nornally, when real property is conveyed, it includes everything above and below the surface of the land, except where specified by the grantor. MORE

Quitclaim Deed

Business / Real Estate / Quitclaim Deed: A conveyance by which the grantor transfers whatever interest he or she has in the real estate, without warranties or obligations. MORE

Granting Clause

Business / Real Estate / Granting Clause: Words in a deed of conveyance that state the grantors intention to convey the property at the present time. This clause is generally worded as convey and warrant, grant, grant, bargain and sell or the MORE