Gray Knight

Business / Finance / Gray Knight: Bear market in which investors who sell are faced with substantial losses, while potential investors prefer to stay liquid; that is, to keep their money in cash or cash equivalents until market conditions improve.

White Knight

Business / Finance / White Knight: A person who has knowledge of fraudulent activities inside a firm or government agency, who is protected from the employer's retribution by federal law. MORE

Gray List

Business / Finance / Gray List: In a merger or acquisitions, a gray knight is an acquiring company that outbids a white knight in pursuit of its own best interests, although it is friendlier than a hostile bidder. MORE

Kay Gray

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Kay Gray: Elmer Swenson patented American labruscana, released in early 1980's, suitable for table, juice or white wine use. Claimed to be hardy to -40 deg. F. (ca -42 C.). Very vigorous, heavy bearer. Disease MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Knight: A military aristocrat in medieval Europe and England who swore service as a vassal to a liege lord in exchange for control over land. The term comes from the Old English word cniht, meaning young man MORE

Gray Board

Entertainment / Bowling / Gray Board: The gutter. Many centers have their gutters painted gray; hitting the gray board is an attempt at humor to tell someone that the shot went in the gutter. MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Grayscale: A photo made up of varying tones of black and white. Grayscale is synonymous with black and white. MORE