Great Call

Business / Finance / Great Call: Describes the sale of securities that have not officially been issued to firms other than the underwriting syndicate. This type of market serves as a good indicator of demand for a new issue in the public market.

Other Words for Call

Call Verb Synonyms: shout, cry (out), hail, yell, roar, bellow, call out, holler
Call Noun Synonyms: shout, cry, yell, whoop, holler

Other Words for Great

Great Adjective Synonyms: big, large, huge, immense, enormous, gigantic, giant, grand, extensive, prodigious, colossal, massive, vast, tremendous, spacious, capacious, mammoth, gargantuan, monstrous, titanic, Cyclopean, Brobdingnagian

Great Tropic Range (GC)

Science / Tides and Currents / Great Tropic Range (GC): The difference in height between tropic higher high water and tropic lower low water. The expression may also be used in its contracted form, tropic range. MORE

Great Vowel Shift

Entertainment / Literature / Great Vowel Shift: A remarkable change in the pronunciation of English, thought to have occurred largely between 1400 and 1450. Much of Middle English poetry (including all the works of Chaucer, Gower, Langland, and the MORE

Great Stink

Health / Disease / Great Stink: (1858) The Great Stink or The Big Stink was a time in the summer of 1858 during which the smell of untreated sewage almost caused the abandonment of the biggest city in the world. MORE

Great Plains Conservation Program (GPCP)

Business / Agriculture / Great Plains Conservation Program (GPCP): This program, initiated in 1957, provided cost share and technical assistance to apply conservation on entire farms in 10 Great Plains states from the Dakotas and Montana to Texas and New Mexico. Cont MORE

Great Diurnal Range (GT)

Science / Tides and Currents / Great Diurnal Range (GT): The difference in height between mean higher high-water and mean lower low water. The expression may also be used in its contracted form, diurnal range. MORE

Great Year

Science / Astrology / Great Year: The astrological year based on the time it takes Earth's axis to complete on revolution around the pole of the ecliptic, about twenty-five thousand years. A Great Year is divided into twelve 'months' MORE