Gross Estate

Business / Finance / Gross Estate: A person's total taxable income prior to adjustments. See: adjusted gross income.

Other Words for Estate

Estate Noun Synonyms: property, holdings, domain, demesne, land, landed estate, manor, mansion

Other Words for Gross

Gross Noun Synonyms: fat, obese, corpulent, overweight, big, large, bulky, great, heavy, ponderous, massive, cumbersome, unwieldy
Gross Verb Synonyms: total, aggregate, entire, pre-tax, (all-)inclusive, overall, whole
Gross Adjective Synonyms: coarse, vulgar, crude, unsophisticated, uncultured, uncultivated, earthy, crass, indelicate, indecent, inappropriate, unseemly, improper, unrefined, bawdy, ribald, Rabelaisian, raw, rude, offensive, obscene, lewd, dirty, smutty, pornographic, filthy


Business / Taxes / Estate: Your estate is what you leave behind, financially speaking, when you die. To figure its worth, your assets are valued to determine your gross estate. The assets may include cash, investments, retireme MORE

Intestate Succession

Business / Real Estate / Intestate Succession: A succession of a property to the heirs when a person dies without a will. MORE


Business / Taxes / Intestate: A person who dies without a will is said to have died intestate. In this case, the probate court in the person’s home state — sometimes known as surrogate’s court or orphan’s court — determi MORE

Institute Of Real Estate Management (IREM)

Business / Real Estate / Institute Of Real Estate Management (IREM): A national organization concerned with professional management of real estate. The professional designation conferred by IREM is ARM, Accredited Resident Manager. MORE

Grossly Disorganized Behavior

Science / Psychiatry / Grossly Disorganized Behavior: Unusual behavior in which the individual acts any number of ways from silly and childlike to angry and aggressive. A positive symptom of schizophrenia. MORE

Leasehold Estate

Business / Real Estate / Leasehold Estate: A tenants right to occupy real estate during the term of a lease, a personal property interest. MORE