Business / Finance / Guarantee: Common stock of a company that has an opportunity to invest money and earn more than the opportunity cost of capital.

Other Words for Guarantee

Guarantee Adjective Synonyms: guaranty, warranty, assurance, pledge, bond, obligation, promise, word (of honor), oath, undertaking

Export Credit Guarantee Programs (GSM-102-103)

Business / Agriculture / Export Credit Guarantee Programs (GSM-102-103): The Commodity Credit Corporation finances export credit guarantee programs for commercial financing of U.S. agricultural exports. The programs finance the sale of exports to buyers in countries where MORE

Guaranteed Investment Contract (GIC)

Business / Finance / Guaranteed Investment Contract (GIC): A contract promising a stated nominal interest rate over some specific time period, usually several years. MORE

Guaranteed Loan

Business / Loan / Guaranteed Loan: A pledge to cover the payment of debt or to perform some obligation if the person liable fails to perform. When a third party guarantees a loan, it promises to pay in the event of a default by the bor MORE

Personal Guarantee

Business / Loan / Personal Guarantee: A guarantee that the primary owner will assume personal responsibility for repayment of the loan, should the company not repay the loan. MORE

GSM-103 Short-Term Export Credit Guarantee Program

Business / Agriculture / GSM-103 Short-Term Export Credit Guarantee Program: An Export Credit Guarantee Program that covers credit terms up to 10 years. The program underwrites credit extended by the private banking sector to approved foreign banks using dollar-denominated, ir MORE

Guaranteed Insurability

Business / Finance / Guaranteed Insurability: A type of bond for which a firm other than the issuer guarantees its interest and principal payments. MORE