Guaranteed Insurability

Business / Finance / Guaranteed Insurability: A type of bond for which a firm other than the issuer guarantees its interest and principal payments.

Guaranteed Renewable Policy

Business / Taxes / Guaranteed Renewable Policy: Your insurance company can’t cancel a guaranteed renewable life insurance policy as long as you pay the premium on time. With this type of policy, your payments can be increased only if they’re ra MORE

Guaranteed Mortgage Certificates (GMC)

Business / Finance / Guaranteed Mortgage Certificates (GMC): A pure investment product in which a life company agrees, for a single premium, to pay at a maturity date the principal amount of a predetermined annual crediting (interest) rate over the life of the MORE

Guaranteed Renewable Policy Insurance

Business / Finance / Guaranteed Renewable Policy Insurance: First issued by Freddie Mac in 1975, G.M.C.s, like PCs, represent undivided interest in specified conventional whole loans and participations previously purchased by Freddie Mac. MORE

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage Insurance

Business / Finance / Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage Insurance: A type of insurance policy that requires the insurer to renew the policy to an individual regardless of health changes. No changes may be made to an individual policyholder unless the same change is a MORE

Guaranteed Share

Life Style / Travel / Guaranteed Share: A cruise term that promises that a companion will be found for a single passenger, at a special rate. That rate will be honored even if the cruise line is unable to find a cabinmate. The rate is usual MORE

Guaranteed Reservation

Life Style / Travel / Guaranteed Reservation: A reservation put on hold for a passenger's late arrival. This type of reservation is usually secured by a credit card obligation or even a deposit as a security measure for if the customer does not a MORE